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Inspiring Mobilization is in Our DNA

When we separated our genetic material through electrophoresis, an analysis of our DNA revealed 6 unique attributes that precisely explain who we are and what we value:

1. Subject matter expertise
2. Think-forward mindset
3. Story-crafting skill
4. Meticulous nature
5. Perception-shaping know-how
6. Ability to mobilize
Within the field of healthcare communications, our passion and efforts are focused on promoting a critical analysis of the path forward in a particular therapeutic area, and increasing the momentum of positive health behaviours amongst patients, physicians, and other key stakeholders.

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Patient Journey

Patient Journey

How can patients elevate your strategic planning?

Optimize how you’re leveraging the patient journey.


When you think about the ecosystem of stakeholders that impacts the management of a medical condition, the common denominator is the patient. The reciprocal relationship patients have with other stakeholders makes the patient journey an ideal framework upon which to build a rich understanding of a therapeutic area and the associated opportunities.

Patient journey insights allow a healthcare brand to elevate its marketing from a series of tactics to a cohesive strategy, and in turn demonstrate commitment and leadership to its customers.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage the patient journey to elevate your strategic planning process? Click here to connect with Marcia – Executive VP, Medical Communications for a guided tour.

Social Media

Social Media

Has your branded social media stopped being social?

We can help.


Facebook, Twitter and other major social media platforms are littered with branded programs which have impressive numbers of fans & followers but only maintain engagement with a tiny fraction of that base. It used to be that all you needed to do to establish a successful-looking social media program was to implement a mix of giveaways, offers, contests and charitable donations. And now, bought media lets you make virtually any piece of content look like a success. The problem is, when the money goes away, so does the engagement.

We saw a need for a better approach and created it. Our Social Accelerator™ technologies provide rich audience insights and more meaningful analytics leading to sound strategies and engaging content – allowing you to not only rapidly acquire new fans but also maintain high engagement making your social media programs social again.

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Quantized Communications

Quantized Communications™

Are you getting the highest value from your communications?

Try a quantized approach.


Health professionals are wading their way through increasing volumes of information arriving through a growing number of communication channels. This information density requires pharmaceutical and health product companies to take a strategic approach with their communications.

Our quantized approach is a process that mobilizes the multiple voices that support a brand with a discrete set of high value communication points that are concise, meaningful, structured, and competitive. Recognizing that memory is created from repetition and reinforcement, arm your product team members with a methodology that will score them points.

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KOL Engagement

Are your KOLs trapped in a spreadsheet?

Mobilize your strategies using AIMS®.


Developing a KOL engagement plan sounds simple, but the reality is that implementing the right plan with advisors and influencers is becoming increasingly challenging. Regulatory requirements demand increased transparency, multiple stakeholders (internal and external) are competing for KOL attention, and KOLs have varying interests – making it important to pinpoint the right project with the right thought leader. At FUSE Health, we saw this as an opportunity to provide a solution.

AIMS® (Advisor-Influencer Management System) is a proprietary software developed to specifically address challenges with KOL engagement. AIMS® helps manage KOL profiles, track KOL engagements (past and present), and identify gaps in your engagement strategy, so you can plan tactics that efficiently expand the circle of influence.

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AIMS® is a trademark of FUSE Health Inc., used herein with permission.